We are storytellers

We are Timestory

TimestoryVR is a group of passionate people with backgrounds in Movies, E-learning and Human Computer Interaction.

Our main goal is to create VR/AR experiences that affects, change and improves the user and we are proud that our productions are used in healthcare to heal and calm people, in companies to train employees in difficult tasks and in schools to gain knowledge by experiences.

We make VR/AR experiences where the user is a part of a scenario and is able to interact with characters and props in a natural way.
It is our belief is that if you interact with the environments and characters in VR and AR, you will be more immersed and that will affect you and enhance the learning and entertainment experience.

Currently we work with speak recognition, face /body tracking, hand tracking and EEG in VR and we are exploring more tracking systems, to enable a greater and more immersive experience.

With many years of experience in developing engaging content and producing VR/AR, we believe we can help make your ideas into unique experiences that will make an impact.

Let´s bring your ideas to life!

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