Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

to make a difference

TimestoryVR is a production company producing VR and AR that affects, change and improves you.

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality are much more than games. Virtual Reality can trick your brain to believe that you are actually in another world and that the environments and characters around you are real.

We work with interaction and create experiences where you can be part of a scenario and by your presence and what you say and do, will influence the scenario and the characters, as if you are really there.

This can be used in many different applications for example; education to train physical procedures, communication and sales training, conflict management and new skills. For healthcare to train mental skills, anxiety reduction and relaxation. For entertainment to jump into new worlds, role-play, talk to people from the past or bond with your favourite movie star.

The possibilities are endless!

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Education & Learning

Learning has to be fun and intuitive. VR and AR can give people hands on experiences and a more profound and emotional insight on a topic. Research has proven that you remember more if you experience and interact in VR compared to traditional textbooks.

Entertainment & Experience

VR and AR can give immersive and mind blowing experiences. You can jump into amazing universes, experience the world through another persons eyes or interact with characters and fantasy figures. Anything is possible!

Marketing & Retail

VR, AR and MR can strengthen the emotional connection to a brand or heighten the shopping experience. You can brand your product in a new and exiting way that will influence the costumer in a much more profound way than traditional marketing can provide.