VR - Exposure therapy

Confront your fears

VRExposure is a virtual reality exposure therapy tool for therapists working with people, who suffers from social anxiety.

It consist of 12 VR exposure experiences in a supermarket and a bus.

The person with social anxiety can train to stand close to people and communicate, while the therapist can observe what the person is looking at during the experience.

We use speak recognition and pulse measuring tools.

VRExposure has been tested on people with social anxiety and the result is highly positive.  It shows that VR exposure therapy can help people reduce anxiety.


VR Santa

Santa and The Magical Words

Interactive VR Christmas experience for kids.

Santa is in trouble and you have to help him by saying the magical words. If you do, something magical will happen and you will safe christmas.

read about interactive characters

Virtual reality and Augmented reality - Communication of History

Experience the past

Øksnehallen at Vesterbro, which today is a modern showroom, was once a famous cattle market.

With Virtual reality you will experience what Øksnehallen looked like 100 years ago, and see how butchers and farmers met and traded cattle.

This VR experience was shown at the history festival “Historiske dage”, in Øksnehallen.

Virtual reality - Communication through embodyment

Be a man from the stoneage

In cooperation with Danmarks Radio (DR) we have created a VR experience. Where you will be able to go back in time and become a man from the stone age. Through his eyes you will see and experience a crucial moment in his life.

Shown at Copenhagen Pix.

Virtual reality - Gaming

VR game for kids at hospitals

In cooperation with Metropol, University College for health and nutrition, TimestoryVR is developing a kids game in Virtual Reality for use in hospitals.