We showcase the newest technologies and give you a glimpse of the future. We offer lectures about storytelling in interactive VR an AR and we teach schools and companies in how to use 360 VR video for their own projects.

We work with

Lenovo Mirage Solo, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive Pro, HP mixed reality, Google Cardboard, PlayStation Virtual reality. Myndplay EEG headband. Yi 360 camera. Leap motion.

See the difference between VR, AR and MR


Virtual reality is a fully simulated virtual world either animated or 360 degree film. The headset covers your eyes and ears completely and you have no sense of the real world around you. The headset is either phone based or computer based. You can interact in VR with controllers, tracked hands, gaze or voice. With a tracking system you can also walk around in VR


Augmented reality is the real world being overlapped with a text or a 2D/3D image/video. Augmented reality is so far experienced through a phone or a tablet, but more companies are now building Augmented reality glasses. You interact with the content by touching the screen or by a controller. Most famous AR game is Pokémon GO.


Mixed reality mixes the real world with virtual objects. The objects are placed in the real world and you can walk around them and interact with them. The headset is like a pair of real glasses. It has a build in computer and inside out tracking to track the room. Several people can simultaniously have the same experience and interact with the same objects.